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March 2019 The Author is doing "prayer and fasting" and studying the 150 chapters of prayers written in the Psalms.There are two kinds of followers in Jesus, many of us are babes, and a few of us are becoming more mature, seeking stronger meat.These studies of training in how to pray with prayer and fasting, promise to train us how to have more of Jesus flowing in our lives. Shalom

The prayers studied so far are:-

(1) Christians as trees

(2) Kiss the Grain

(3) Unleavened Bread Feast

(4) Safety and Peace

(5) Kings and Thorns

(6) Healing

(7) Genetic propensities

(8) Babies and faith

(9) Troubles and headaches

(10) Stress

(11) Birds

(12) The Name of Jesus

(13) Our heart feelings

(14) Evolution as a religion

(15) Who dwells in heaven?

(16) Gethesame

(17) Apple of my eye

(18) Jesus comes to my help

(19) The glory of GOD

(20) Jesus our help mate

(21) Give us thy blessings

(22) Jesus' prayer on the Cross

(23) The Lord is my Shepherd (song)

(24) Who will ascend to heaven?

(25) Hard Scriptures and mockers

(26) Wholly supporting Jesus

(27) Detailing how to pray

(28) How to pray - Father not silent

(29) How to pray to Jesus the Son of God

(30) Prayer 30 still under study..

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