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Website PHP construction, for desktop and mobile browser, website design

Spiritual Springs website is designed for both desktop and mobile browsers. The designer did not want to make another subdomain for mobile browsers as well as for computer laptops. This retired teacher is used to long thin websites for teaching students.

It is hard to show code in a browser, so I have a picture instead. The code locks the browser from changing the viewport...

Hence this website runs well in all browsers hopefully.

If you are interested in PHP code, and how to make a website easily simply with less code, no style sheets, just simple HTML...

I have tried PHP sessions but find they do not work well. So I use cookie PHP code to make things styled for users. The nagivation of the site is easy to, each webpage is numbered from

  • ss-1.htm
  • ss-2.htm
  • ss-3.htm
  • ss-4.htm
  • ss-1000.htm

    and so on. If you want a map of thousands of webpages, just click on Seed Studies, then choose Map.

    For beginners to the website, a number placed in the white search box, will load that webpage. Any number between 1 and 1500 is valid.

    To help readers not get lost, your hyperlinked clicks are monitored, and one reference allows you to return to where you first clicked before reading elsewhere. However do not click hyperlinks one after another, you will get lost, return to a major theme and read from there.

    Seed studies lists some words studied and all verses containing that word.

    I welcome comments about the website, especially PHP or webpage design.

    I use NotePad2 from Microsoft because it colours the PHP and HTML code, is easy to use and simple. All my code is simple. Click on view source to see. No cascade style sheets, or spaghetti code. All my images are small too, under 100Kb, usually under 20Kb. That's tiny compared to the million bytes most people are used to in Real Estate sites for example. Why make our Internet slow with overloaded baggage? This website is fast with downloads and really easy to read, yet it covers all themes in a deep manner, even though it is child like and easy to read.

    I do not like complex stuff, and my PHP code, and HTML code reflects this, as well as my words in my theories of faith. They are called theories because we will never know all things about GOD, we see things darkly, in faith.

    I also welcome theological comments as well. If you want to discuss your theory of faith in a kind and friendly manner, please feel me to email me.

    Email me and I will help you and send you PHP for this.

    My current email address here. Shalom

    Visitor hits

    Visitor hits come about 200 times per day since measured in 2012.

    Visitor hits measured on a random day on 28 April 2017 was 460.

    Visitor hits measured on a random day on 12 February 2018 was 177. One person read 1037 and than 1038, about who is the mighty one and comments about cherubs, the angels. All visitors so far seem to view a single page, and not read themes listed in Spiritual Springs.

    Visitor hits measured on a random day on 22 February 2018 was 184.

    On a weekend on August 4 and 5 of 2018, several readers read many pages consecutively. They read the Jesus theme webpages ten times, and the study of Eloah, the Father theme, 15 times. This is really good news, and means some people are reading webpages for the reason to experience God's love in their livs. Praise God for this witness and help to them. The Spiritual Springs Website is receiving 29 visitor hits per hour, and over 700 hits per day. And at least three readers read whole themes presented in Spiritual Springs. I wish to thank GOD for the opportunity to witness in this way, and help followers of Jesus become empowered for the end of time.


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